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Sensmile Store. Munich, Germany

Sensmile Store. Munich, Germany

The innovative Sensmile Store dental clinic in Munich, designed by Rudolf & Mogendorf Innenarchitekten, is conceived to put clients at ease, welcoming them into a harmonious and elegant room adorned with gleaming brass and marble.

Zero Round, with its internally emitting LED profiles and DALI/Push DIM technology, fits perfectly into this environment with its curved extruded aluminum profile, creating a climate and light that highlights the quality of the materials and the finesse of the rooms.

The rings of light with horizontal suspension, finished with polyacrylic paint in satin brass, enhance, without weighing down, the Carrara marble and brass surfaces, the furniture and the oak ceiling, making the atmosphere perfectly in line with the refined and harmonious style of the studio.

Uffici Munich, Germany

Projekt Rudolf & Mogendorf Innenarchitekten
Produkte Zero Round

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