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Baglioni Resort Sardegna, San Teodoro

Baglioni Resort Sardegna, San Teodoro

Located on the northeastern coast of Sardinia, the Baglioni Resort Sardegna, located north of San Teodoro, is the latest addition to the Italian Baglioni Hotels & Resorts Collection.
Inside the Resort, there is the starred restaurant “Gusto by Sadler,” illuminated by an impressive installation by Emma, Clio and Olivia.

The project, supervised and designed by the architectural firm Spagnulo & Partners, combines the use of three pendant lamps designed to work together and designed by Silvia Poma.
The lighting installation, located in the center of the main venue, selects blown glass pendant elements characterized by a particular ribbed finish with a retro taste; in fact, the colors of the structure and glass make them suitable for lighting a contemporary and international environment.

Wohnen San Teodoro, Sardinien. Italien Projekt Spagnulo & Partners
Verwendete Produkte Olivia, Emma, Clio
Ausführungsjahr Spagnulo & Partners
Bildnachweise Barbara Pau

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