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Connessioni, ‘Future reloaded’: the evolution of design to serve mankind

Connessioni, ‘Future reloaded’: the evolution of design to serve mankind


Second event of the series that elates the ‘Brianzolo’ style of beauty and getting things done well.

Enhance CONNESSIONI as a link of relationships, experiences, knowledge, and places. It is the stage-setting event for the multi-year project (2017-2018-2019) promoted by Assolombarda Confindustria Milano Monza e Brianza.

The goal of the events organized for the “Connessioni” project is to elate the idea of beauty and getting things done well in the Brianza area. The common denominator of these events is transforming the region into a nationally and internationally recognizable brand, through the synergies between the best companies in the sector and support of local institutions.


The first CONNESSIONI event took place during the Design Week 2017 at Villa Reale in Monza. An engaging and exciting video installation showed 18 examples of excellence of the region, system, and community through sounds, images, and videos that explain:
– The technology of the best manufactured products of Brianza;
– Industrial processes and also artisan processes that distinguish the region;
– The hidden qualities of design, which are often no longer recognizable in the final product.

” We wanted to offer international traders a new idea of Design combined with Technology”.. (Norberto Panzeri, President of Design and Furniture – Assolombarda Confindustria Milano Monza e Brianza).

We used the metaphor of the electronic circuit, subject to new interactions, to the inclusion of new elements, in which projections take the place of nodes and resistors, with links and branches clearly marked on the floor to represent the basic interconnection.

The leading companies of the first event were: Artemide, Caimi, Cassina, Duredil, Giorgetti, Kartell, Lualdi, Molteni, Pamar, Panzeri, Reggiani, Rexite, Slide, Status, Tecno, Vanixa e Zanotta.


The theme of the second event of CONNESSIONI was the story of beauty and getting things done well in past, present, and future of the design world, the evolution of the concept of design to service mankind, and how it has changed over time and why.
Past, present, and future meet thanks to the testimonies of companies, designers, and training institutes and build the plot of a story. The protagonists of yesterday and today are comparing and proposing their vision of the future through some projects of the students of the Industrial Design and Interior Design degree courses of the Politecnico di Milano, coordinated by professor Ron GiIlad and Raffaella Mangiarotti.

The participating companies have made some products available for which students have imagined a possible evolution under the umbrella of the Internet of Things (IoT). The ideas were presented during a conference in the Camerana room of Assolombarda where entrepreneurs in provided their feedback on the projects.

The companies and the products that participated in the second event of CONNESSIONI were:
– Boffi (Fan)
– Brianza Tende (Awning, Pergola)
– Caimi Brevetti (Bookcase, Desk Accessories, Signage/Communication)
– Lettera G (Bookshape slim black with Led; Consolle, Falsa Credenza; Bedside table, Portable Drama)
– Panzeri (Silver Ring Lamps)
– Pamar (Handles, two types: cable glands and brackets)

The project we were involved in is called ‘LU-ME’.

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