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Private House Tuscany

Private House Tuscany

Ideal solution for the lighting decoration of villas and private homes, Panzeri lights were installed in an elegant, luxurious dwelling located in the Tuscan countryside. Designed looked after by Architect Luca Doveri and the office of Lighting Designer Montesi SRL, the lights were chosen from the design and architectural catalogues, with the charming effect of a hi-tech installation in contrast with the typical Tuscan rustic environment. In this installation, the architect chose a series of products that perfectly integrate into the plasterboard and masonry walls, with the aim to show the old walls with exposed bricks, underscoring the importance. The lights of the Recessed models, as inferred from the same name of the line, seem to disappear into the wall while the Profiles exalt the modern architecture: the result is an exciting contrast between futuristic and rustic.

Residenziale Tuscany,

Des produits Night, XGR1210, XGR1027, Invisibili PureWhite

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